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Little Duck FILTER BANK Little Duck is an emulation of the classic analogue stereo filter bank. It has five different filter modes, triangle LFO synced to it’s internal pulse clock and an envelope follower with sidechain operation mode. 2002 WIN
Oberon SYNTH Oberon is an attempt to imitate the classic analog polysynths.

2 special oscillators with sync.
2 envelopes.
1 LFO.
A special 2-pole double filter.
2002 WIN
Phibes Organ ORGAN Phibes electric organ tries to capture the sound of those sweet sixties organs. It is definitely no Hammond B3 or Vox Continental but rather some obscure and cheap east-european imitation of them.It has 9 drawbars with five different tones and, independent vibrato, tremolo and rotator effects and staccato mode. Even though Phibes organ is quite simple instrument, it is very CPU-intensive with over ten oscillators and filters. 2002 WIN
PM4 SYNTH Panzertank PM4 is a virtual phase modulation synth very much like the famous FM synthesizers. It has four sinus operators (oscillators) with individual APDSR envelopes, detune and velocity sensitivity. There are six schemes or algorithms to construct the sound. 2002 WIN
Quantum 64 SYNTH Quantum 64 is a harsh and aliased digital synth with single DCO and multimode filter. It is inspired by Commodore 64’s SID sound chip but it definitely is no emulation. The two special ingredients that make the soul of Quantum 64 are the arpeggiator and the degrader/quantiser unit. 2002 WIN
Satyr 8 SYNTH Satyr Features:

2 oscillators with variable waves.
An additional sub Osc.
Noise generator.
Ring, FM & Amplitude modulation and sync.
3 ADSR time/level envelopes (2 assignable) with delays and manual triggering.
2 variable LFOs with sample & hold.
Internal clock for BPM synced LFOs.
16 different modulation destinations.
2 filters – one 4-pole lowpass and one 2-pole multimode.
Filters can be in parallel or serial mode, among others.
There are two versions of Satyr available: normal Satyr that is 4-note polyphonic and Satyr-8 that is 8-note polyphonic.
2002 WIN
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